Manel SIACI appointed Head of Relations with the “consulting firms” ecosystem at SCALLOG!

To achieve its ambitious goals, SCALLOG is distinguished, among other things, by its willingness to find complementary levers with its ecosystem to bring more value to its customers. As such, Manel SIACI, Business Development Manager of SCALLOG, has been entrusted with new responsibilities: the management and animation of the ecosystem of consulting firms and independents…

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The Goods to Man SCALLOG solution, on or under the mezzanine, densifies storage, without pushing the walls of the warehouse!

According to CBRE Real Estate Group, the growth of e-commerce will require nearly 27 million square meters of warehouse space in Europe by 2025. Faced with scarce and expensive land near the Lille-Paris-Lyon-Marseille “backbone” and the ZAN objective – zero net artificialization – by 2050 in France, logisticians will have to gain cubic meters in…

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Scallog’s Service-Oriented Culture: Human Intelligence to Make Our Customers More Productive and Competitive!

Boasting 40 sites across four continents, Scallog stands out in the market of robotics for logistics thanks to its ability to provide long-term support to its customers in operating and optimising the company’s Goods-to-Picker order-picking solution. To do so, the French company draws on a truly service-minded culture that prioritises human relations and intelligence to…

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With help from integrator XPROMA, French logistics robotics start-up Scallog is speeding up its growth in Germany!

To establish its presence in Germany – which represents a quarter of the European logistics market – Scallog has just signed an agreement with XPROMA, the acknowledged expert in robotics and intralogistics, to help optimise its operations and logistics performance! In the region which has the highest number of warehouses in Europe, Scallog has set…

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The software intelligence behind Scallog’s solution – disruptive innovation designed to meet the specific sector needs of logistics operators!

Scallog is changing the rules of the game when it comes to logistics robotics! State-of-the-art software intelligence is packed into its “Goods to Man” solution – shelf units transported by robots to operators. The idea is to meet the specific needs of the fashion, pharmaceuticals & cosmetics, publishing, retail, manufacturing and food sectors, and handle…

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Scallog robotics are key to Groupe Blondel’s performance at the Airbus site in Rochefort, in response to dynamic growth in aerospace logistics!


As an onsite logistics partner to Airbus, which has just announced an unprecedented ramp-up in its global production – nearly 1,000 aircraft annually by 2025 – Groupe Blondel will begin deploying Scallog’s Goods to Person robotics this summer at its site in Rochefort, France, in a bid to absorb steadily growing picking volumes while safeguarding…

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French logistics robotics start-up Scallog is speeding up its growth across Germany and throughout north-western Europe!

To shore up its presence in Germany, which represents some 25% of the European logistics market, Scallog will be presenting its Goods-To-Man solutions at the LogiMAT Show. These have already been deployed at Decathlon’s site in Mannheim in a bid to maximise efficiency and logistics agility. Scallog is also speeding up its growth in the…

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SCALLOG robots at the heart of the future logistics centre of COVERGUARD

Alt : visuel-coverguard

Scheduled to open in spring 2023, the new logistics centre of the prestigious COVERGUARD brand will process orders from BtoB clients based mainly in France and western Europe. Environmentally-friendly by design, the new storage and distribution facility will be partly automated with SCALLOG robot solutions to turbocharge productivity, improve working conditions and absorb the surge…

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2022 is the year set for the international expansion of SCALLOG, a logistic robotics start-up ‘made in France’!

Alt : visuel-cp-sitl

All signals are go for SCALLOG’s growth worldwide: Initial deployments in the United States and Canada, in partnership with BASTIAN Solutions, and more and more projects in new European countries that include Italy, Denmark and also France! Nanterre, 22 March 2022. On the wave of a favourable context, i.e. acceleration of e-commerce, optimisation of omni-channel…

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SCALLOG is supported by the intralogistics specialist SPAN to accelerate its development in the Middle East.

Alt : Photo-span-scallog

As part of its international expansion strategy, SCALLOG announces the signing of a commercial agreement with SPAN, a renowned player in the optimisation and automation of distribution centres in the Near and Middle East. Nanterre, 9th November 2021 During the Dubai World Expo where French innovation shines, SCALLOG agreed to enter into a partnership agreement…

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