What are the advantages of robotizing and automating warehouses?

Order picking time is significantly reduced, hence the time to get your products to your customers or market is shortened.
Working conditions for your order pickers and associated staff are improved, one benefit of which is increased productivity.



How does automating warehouses help logistics operators in practice?

Logistics is not a linear activity. There are peaks in activity corresponding with events such as Christmas and retail sales, including “Black Friday”, and these cause surges in the processing of orders. Logistics systems, equipment and infrastructure must be calibrated so that they function at 100% of capacity during these peaks and 60% during the rest of the year. Due to its modular design, the Scallog solution adapts precisely to your activity.

What is the cost of adopting robotized logistics?

Our system is quick and easy to deploy because it uses guide strips glued onto the floor, which the robots follow. It is possible start with four or five robots and add more at a later stage. The cost of adoption is a question of ROI!

To calculate it, we use the ratio of the investment to the number of permanent operators you utilize. For example, if you have three operators in your warehouse, the Scallog solution will enable you to assign one of them to picking and the others to higher-value tasks.

The Scallog solution delivers a very rapid ROI; two years on average.



Does implementing the Scallog solution mean customers require additional IT resources?

The only additional IT element is program code, which does not take much time to install. However, you have the option to review and possibly revise your current processes which will, of course, require additional time and resources.

If such a review is conducted, the team undertaking it should include an operator familiar with the solution as their input will be extremely valuable.

Given the economic models for this type of system, do you offer financing solutions for full variable customers that are similar to those for full-service trolleys?

We are moving towards what is known as RAS (“Robot As Services”), which enables robots to be leased while your business grows. This way, the ROI on your investment is achieved more rapidly, as is greater profitability.

If, subsequently, your business expands still further, you can add picking stations, robots and/or shelf storage units etc.


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