E-commerce: the age of the immediate


The research is clear: e-commerce is growing every day ... and customers are becoming more demanding.

Logistics is now more than a service, it has become a selling feature and a strength that makes the difference.

Next-day delivery and Click & Collect

Players in e-commerce are focusing on increasing premium subscriptions and customer loyalty.

They are now offering next-day (or even same-day) delivery and Click & Collect. Consumers can now reserve or order products online then collect them from a shop immediately.


Managing peaks in activity & seasonality

The growth in orders over the Internet and the fluctuations that affect e-commerce now represent significant challenges for businesses. With ever-shorter delivery times and an accelerating production rate, the logistics service must ensure it has the right tools to keep up.

Scallog’s robotized system manages multiple activities and logistics flows in warehouses, enabling markets to be monitored and peaks in activity absorbed.

The Scallog system is modular and can be configured to suit your storage requirements and cater for each product type. The number of robots and shelves can be multiplied automatically and instantly to add elements during peaks in activity.

The close spacing of the mobile shelf units optimizes storage capacity and increases the number of products that can be stocked.


Scallog supports players in the e-commerce sector with its flexible intra-logistics solution that meets the challenges they encounter.


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