Replenishment management


Replenishment consists of replacing items in the storage area.

Inventory replenishment is a not-inconsiderable challenge. Its functioning directly impacts a company’s output and logistics efficiency.

In the Scallog solution, an operator performs replenishment on the same principle as picking:

  • The Boby robots bring the shelves of products with the bins or spaces to be filled to the workstation where the operator is located.
  • S/he withdraws the items placed alongside her/him on a pallet or in a container and fills the available spaces on the shelves.
  • The item reference and its location on the shelf are scanned in order to allocate the space to the products that have been deposited there.

A tailored strategy

The Scallog solution provides deep functionality relating to inventory management and replenishment.

It enables the adoption of inventory replenishment techniques using various logistics parameters. In this way, it optimizes each process and helps to limit losses.


Real-time referencing

Our automated solution gathers all data for replenishment management 24/7.

All new allocations are referenced in the WCS in real time then fed back to the customer’s WMS in accordance with usage cases.

This enables product use to be identified in real time and helps to anticipate long-term trends.

This information is essential for optimizing supply chain management. 

Replenishment alerts

Your product suppliers can be sent instantaneous replenishment alerts 24/7 to ensure the rapid and smooth inward flow of replenishments, eliminating the need for urgent replenishments.

Through proactive replenishment and resupply alerts, the Scallog solution eliminates the tickets, flags and cards used for manual control.

Installing the Scallog system at the heart of your replenishment process signals the end of costly urgent orders, inventory shortages and unplanned down time.


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