Mobile Storage Shelves

Features of Scallog storage shelves


Tailored storage of your products

The Scallog storage shelf unit safely stores products on both sides on levels that can be adjusted.

The workstation operator fills the shelves during replenishment and empties them during the picking operation.


The standard dimensions of Scallog shelves are:

Length1,000-1,200 mm
Depth800-1,000 mm
Height2,300-2,500 mm

But did you know what it is an intelligent robot that moves the shelves?

Dynamic storage

Modular and configurable

The Scallog mobile shelf system provides dynamic storage for your products.

The unit is modular and reconfigurable to suit your storage requirements and cater for each product type.

Rayonnage mobile

Our solution adapts to your warehouse to match your preferences and constraints.

We support you in determining the optimal layout of your mobile shelving system, defining the shelf dimensions and arranging the shelf levels.

Highly compact storage


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The compactness of the storage depends on the organization of your storage shelves.

Unlike other solutions, our shelves are not restricted to individual aisles and adapt to fluctuations in demand in all aisles.

Installing shelves face-to-face in narrow aisles delivers a 30% space saving in the warehouse.

We recommend increasing density by using a mezzanine level for maximum usage of the available space in the warehouse.

Adaptable storage

Product type


The Scallog dynamic shelving system adjusts to the type of products in your business.

TypeStorage capacity
Cosmetics25 / 30
Shoes80 / 140 boxes
Textiles and fabrics16 cartons 600x400
Parts30 / 50 references

The Scallog solution revolutionizes the role of the order picker

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