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Scallog robotic system

We work closely with our customers to optimize their logistics and improve the efficiency of the processes in their warehouses and processing and distribution centres. Scallog’s advanced robotic system complies with international standards and the software is designed to integrate transparently into any warehouse management system (WMS).

Our teams

Our engineers are vigilant, monitoring all sites in real time. Proactive, preventive and on-site maintenance programmes ensure continuous availability, possible remote intervention and significant cost savings. At any time, our support team will work immediately with the staff on site to take the necessary measures to resolve problems whilst ensuring the safety and continuity of operations.

Our certification and training programmes


Training and support team service

  • Basic operation and maintenance
  • Advanced maintenance
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Advanced troubleshooting

User training

Operator training
Operations, safety and best practices

Manager training
User access management, monitoring performance indicators, audits and exception management