Mobile Boby robot

Robot_Boby_3Quart_Droite Robot_Boby_3Quart_Droite

The Boby robot is an intelligent logistics robot piloted by the Scallog-MAS software over a WiFi network. The robot lifts and transports shelves of products from their storage location to the order picking stations.

The Boby robot can carry a maximum payload of 600 kg and moves at a speed of 1.5 metres per second when empty and 1.2 metres per second when loaded.

The Boby robot is able to handle a throughput of 600 picks per hour by each picker. Its use generates productivity gains of 40%.

Charge life & charging terminal

The Boby robot has a charge life capable of giving 14 hours’ uninterrupted work.

When a robot is inactive or on low power, it automatically connects to the charging station to recharge. 

Its intelligent charging algorithm adapts charging in accordance with the robot’s tasks.

Its autonomous recharge capability at a dedicated terminal ensures the 24/7 continuity of your logistics chain.

Guidance strip

Boby mobile robots move around the warehouse using an optical sensor and a guidance strip on the floor that is 160 mm wide and 1 mm thick.

The guidance strip is not permanently anchored to the floor, so is easy to lay and replace, giving the Scallog system great flexibility.

It is now quick and easy to extend and/or relocate guidance strips in the warehouse, as they just need to be unglued and then glued new ones in the appropriate areas.


Dimensions1000 mm (L) x 650 mm (W) x 450 mm (H)
Lifting capacity600 kg
Speed1.5 metres per second
Charge life14 hours
Recharge time2 hrs 30 min

The synergy between the Boby mobile robot and the Scallog shelves plays a major role in the performance of the Scallog automated system.