Ergonomic Workstation

Picking and replenishment station


This is the operators’ workstation and the exchange zone between the secure storage area and the order pickers.

It comprises the following elements:

  • Computer workstation
  • Spot-to-light
  • Order buffer (rack)



Error-free picking, replenishment, inventory reallocation, audit and inventory counting operations are undertaken at the workstation in real time.

Workstations are modular and can be configured to suit different types of order or picking process such as e-commerce and in-store orders.

Like the Pick-to-light system, Scallog’s Spot-to-light technology indicates to the operator exactly where the operation is to be carried out.

The Scallog workstation provides mobile or fixed order shelves for multiple orders, containers, boxes and onward conveyors.

picking /h

The picking station both improves the well-being, comfort and safety of the operator and optimizes the operating rate (productivity from 450 to 600 picks per hour).

The operator works on an anti-fatigue mat and there is a platform to adjust the height of the workstation.

The order buffer (rack) receives the products for picking. The Put-to-light system indicates to the operator where to place the product withdrawn in order to pick the order(s).


Rapid implementation. Rapid return on investment!



This is the operators’ workplace. An interchange between the items held internally in the Scallog system and those in the world outside.



Increases operator productivity by 40% and reduces the risk of error through the exclusive Spot-to-light and Put-to-light light pointer technology.



Informs the order picker about the order(s) in progress.



Ensures reliability and trackability during order picking.


Parallel orders

The Scallog system enables the operator to pick a number of orders at the same time without the risk of error: from 10 to 100 orders open and picked in parallel!

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