Reverse logistics

Scallog’s reverse logistics


Reverse logistic refers to the set of processes and flows that optimize the management of product returns with the aim of generating customer loyalty and relocating the items or putting them on sale again as quickly as possible.

Returns management is a key issue for e-commerce, which seeks to reduce the cost of logistics whilst improving its efficiency.

Apart from being a key criterion in the purchasing decision, returns management - excellence in the logistics of returns - is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty and gives a significant competitive advantage. This area of your activity should not be underestimated because it can cripple your entire logistics chain.

It is recommended that you ensure that a returns strategy (“reverse logistics”) is incorporated in your overall logistics strategy. Managing returned packages can be a long and complicated process. Defining and organizing the route of a parcel step by step is a prerequisite: from its return to the storage area to the final processing of the product (its reinsertion into inventory for example). Once it has been processed, provided it can be reused, you can reinsert the product into your inventory (for immediate or subsequent resale).

Real-time monitoring

The Scallog solution enables you to reinsert your items in your storage area and monitor your inventory in real time - quickly and easily.

Returns are reinserted as if they were items in a normal replenishment operation:

  • The Boby robots deliver the product shelves to the workstations so that the items can be replaced in the allocated locations.
  • The Boby robots then reposition the shelves in their location in the warehouse.

The Scallog solution optimizes your productivity by a factor of 8 by automating your returns management.


Customizable solution

The Scallog solution provides a customized system to manage your returns, for example reserving a specific area in a warehouse or creating a dedicated warehouse for returns.

The goal: to generate customer satisfaction and loyalty!

You will make substantial savings by optimizing reverse logistics processes.

The logistics of returns is now assuming strategic importance because it impacts the customer experience and is part of the changes in environmental and sustainable development regulations.


Generally speaking, the Scallog robotized solution provides a highly automated logistics chain.