Scallog logistics picking


Picking in a warehouse consists of picking both B2B and B2C orders.

It is one of the main stages in your logistics process. Efficient picking enables you to make significant savings and increase your level of customer satisfaction.

The Scallog logistic picking solution automates picking:

  • Boby robots deliver shelves of products to the workstation where the order picker is located. 
  • S/he withdraws the items required to fulfil orders. S/he is guided by the “Spot-to-light” light pointer, which indicates the correct location of the product to be withdrawn from the shelf.
  • The withdrawal is verified by scanning the product reference.


The system can be adapted to any type of bin or product format.

Speed and precision

The main benefit of this type of process is that it increases the speed and number of orders that can be picked in parallel. Installing the Scallog automated storage solution in your warehouse helps you gain in speed and efficiency. Automation eliminates unnecessary movements in the warehouse.

All the systems are equipped with cutting-edge software and sensors to ensure maximum precision and reduce the deterioration of your goods.



The Scallog solution improves the performance and reliability of picking of your products. The exclusive Spot-to-light technology increases operator productivity by 40% and reduces the risk of error.


More workplace accidents occur in the logistics sector than in the construction industry. Order pickers and fork-lift operators are most prone to accidents or occupational illnesses, primarily musculoskeletal damage.

Your operators will be safer and more comfortable with Scallog’s automated solution. The picking workstation has been designed to be user-friendly. The robots that perform the automated picking operations comply with all safety requirements. The cutting-edge technology of the sensors and detectors guarantees an improvement in working conditions and is a major contributor in the prevention of musculoskeletal damage.

In the highly competitive environment in which your company operates, the improvement in your productivity, service levels and delivery times will give you an advantage and help ensure your sustainability.


A Scallog workstation can be used for both picking and replenishment. These are merely different phases of the process managed by the Scallog system.