Logistics optimization, why choose the Scallog SystemTM solution?


Worldwide turnkey


30% reduction in storage
space requirements


Light infrastructure:
ROI guaranteed in less than 2 years


Productivity gains:
x3 vs standard picking



Installation of full system
in 2 to 3 weeks




Ensuring reliable picking
and safeguarding inventory


24/7 multilingual
customer support

Turnkey installations and accelerated implementation timeframe

The installation of the full system includes the design of the tailored solution and the provision of integration and installation services. Also included is a guarantee and ongoing maintenance assistance.

Our international customer support team is at your service 24/7 to answer your questions and provide a logistics robotization solution that will meet your productivity and profitability goals. We have specialists who will work with you to optimize the organization of your storage warehouse and order picking.

Unlike other solutions with time-consuming and expensive installation, the Scallog mobile robotized warehouse solution is implemented in only two to three weeks.

Productivity gains

Increased profitability

The Scallog solution optimizes logistics costs: the speed and precision with which orders are executed minimizes product returns and refunds. You will decrease the logistics management costs per item through increased productivity not attainable using current solutions.

A rapid ROI

Whatever the size of your initial investment, the modularity of the Scallog system optimizes your logistics chain. The Scallog mobile robotic solution enables you to expand the system to meet the growth of your activity by adding elements as and when required: ROI guaranteed in less than two years.


Flexibility and modularity


Adaptability and flexibility

The Scallog solution can be adapted to any type of warehouse and, unlike traditional automated systems, it does not require any preliminary works.

The solution is based on an on-demand logistics activity. The number of robots, storage shelves and picking stations is adjusted to increases in throughput volume and/or storage requirements. The definition of logistics optimization.

Versatility / Scalability

The current space-inefficient, rigid and costly carousels are made obsolete by the new generation of automated storage and recovery systems from Scallog.

The system is designed to function with all existing shelf and bin/container formats. Its compatibility with various types of products and its versatility in the management of SKUs provide optimized inventory levels through precise intelligence. The system delivers the highest number of units picked per hour (UPH)  in your sector. The cost per pick is also the lowest in the market.

Warehouse optimization

Intelligent warehouse management

The Scallog System TM supervisor plans the routes of the Boby robots in order to minimize the number of movements. The intelligent organization of your space contributes to increased efficiency compared with traditional picking methods.

Scallog provides highly automated throughput and use of storage. The intelligent real-time adaptation to changes in inventory profiles and order execution models optimizes logistics processes.

Optimized logistics

Bringing the storage shelves to the workstation without interrupting operations in any way increases the space efficiency of your current infrastructure by 30% and facilitates the optimization of storage space. You will also benefit from a significant reduction in inventory losses, damage and placement errors.

By consolidating orders, the analysis of the rotation of ABC class items and the popularity of products, the Scallog system enables the real-time verification of inventory levels and audits. This intelligent restocking ensures the optimization of logistics throughput.


Discover the comprehensive functionality of the Scallog system