Cosmetics & Pharma

A need: reliability and control


Warehouses in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector are currently facing huge challenges: product complexity and standardization, shortening development cycles, exponential growth of e-commerce, management of high value-added products etc.

Members of the sector require reliable picking, management of standards, assurance of processes and inventory and day-to-day delivery control. These requirements demand the adoption of a software approach that focuses on adaptability to the business’s changing needs and inventory availability and control.

A solution: the Scallog logistics software

Scallog SystemTM is a warehouse operations and management program that uses cutting-edge technology and intelligent algorithms. The optimization of large-scale and complex operations in warehouses makes it possible to adapt to changes in demand.

This logistics software provides granular control and visibility over warehouse robots, processes and inventory. The platform enables transparent integration with warehouse management systems, other software layers and automation systems.

The flexibility and efficiency of Scallog’s automated logistics solution optimizes flow management in real time. Customers benefit from rigorous organization of order picking and inventory management.


The expertise of Scallog’s technical and commercial teams is at the service of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.


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