Consumer goods

Innovation and optimizing internal flow management


A demanding market

The boom in e-commerce and heightened competition in the sector require optimized management of internal warehouse flows.

To meet ever-more exacting customer expectations, it is imperative to have an innovative and flexible logistics organization to ensure short delivery times and maintain a high level of satisfaction.

Optimizing logistics

Scallog’s automated solution centralizes inventory and optimizes flows in real time.

Operators are guided in the picking of orders and can pick simultaneously for several stores. The system also ensures that shelves are grouped together and managed by product family.

Intelligent real-time adaptation of order execution models helps to optimize logistics processes: next-day delivery becomes a reality.


Increasing productivity

Product returns and refunds are minimized due to the speed and precision with which orders are executed.

Logistics management costs per item are then reduced through increased productivity that is not attainable using current solutions.

Return on investment in less than two years

The low infrastructure demand and modular nature of the Scallog system optimize your logistics chain and guarantee a ROI in under two years.


The efficiency of the Scallog logistics solutions is based on their ability to optimize the management of internal flows in a warehouse.


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