Who are we?


Scallog is a French company that designs, manufactures and implements advanced robotic automation systems for warehouses and fulfilment and distribution centres.

With in-depth expertise in the field of logistics, hardware and software engineering that is at the cutting edge of technology and a passion for solving complex business problems, Scallog is innovating and disrupting the way in which logistics and supply chain processes are optimized.

Founded in 2013, Scallog has its headquarters and R&D center in Paris, France with partners in major European countries, North America, Brazil, the Middle East and Singapore.


Why Scallog?


According to ABI Research, over four million robots will be operating in 50,000 warehouses around the world by 2025. In light of the rapid growth in e-commerce and of increasingly onerous consumer demands, automation projects are multiplying in France to meet the demand for ever-more rapid, flexible and automated processing of orders to reduce delivery times. Flexible, simple “Goods-to-Man” robotization with its rapid ROI is the future of order picking automation, which is why the startup Scallog came into being.


Building on our experience in logistics, our software know-how and our robotic expertise, our goal is to democratize “Goods-to-Man” robotization in warehouses by bringing it within the reach of all in terms of budget, installation and practices - picking, validation, bin movement etc.


Our creed: to develop a range of agile, flexible and reconfigurable robotic solutions that can be incorporated into your existing infrastructure and work harmoniously with your operators, producing a rapid ROI in less than 18 monthsOur mission: to provide flexible, light robotic resources to modernize your warehouse to suit your requirements without interrupting your operations or production, increase picking accuracy, absorb the peaks in your activity and optimize your operators’ productivity whilst spreading your investments.

Our awards for innovation


SITL Innovation Award 2014
Best Automation Innovation

The Logistics Innovation Awards at the SITL Europe trade show recognize businesses presenting an innovative product, service or organization in the transport and logistics sector. Every year, over 60 exhibitors submit entries!

In 2014, Scallog’s flexible automation solution was awarded the prestigious SITL Innovation Award.


Les Rois de la Supply Chain award 2015
Scallog / BSL / L’Oréal project

In 2015, the Scallog / BSL / L’Oréal project won an award at “Les Rois de la Supply Chain” (Kings of the Supply Chain), an annual event held in France by Supply Chain Magazine. Innovative logistics projects are presented over the course of a day at the show in Aveyron.

The award is decided upon by supply chain professionals who vote in a secret ballot (480 voters).

It was at the evening event at the Mogador Theatre on 15 January that the project by BSL, Scallog and l’Oréal Paris was named as one of the Kings of the Supply Chain.