Optimizing returns management


Rationalizing the network

Today, omnichannel marketing is transforming the way consumers shop and contributing to the increase in online sales in the clothing sector.

Brands are now rationalizing their retail networks: they are becoming storage spaces for managing returns and accelerating product availability for online selling.

Increasing order picking reliability and optimizing returns management is therefore a new and major challenge facing the sector. 

Productivity increased by a factor of eight

The Scallog system accelerates the processing of product returns and their renewed online availability. The operator responsible for control returns the items to the storage area, enabling inventory to be monitored in real time. Returns are directed either to the logistics platform control, repackaging or after-sales service areas.

Scallog’s logistics ensure that product replenishment, availability in stock and return to sales readiness become quicker and more efficient. The Scallog system manages returns eight times more efficiently than a manual process.

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Returns management linked to product conformity

Quality control procedures are applied to all returns.

On completion of this stage, non-conforming products are sent to the after-sales service whilst conforming products rejoin the standard sales cycle.


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