The “Goods to Person” robotics of the French nugget SCALLOG under the sign of Industry 5.0!

12 February 2024

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Under the impetus of the France 2030 plan and the impact of the various crises, French manufacturers are accelerating the automation of their production lines to gain in productivity, efficiency and working conditions. The French market is expected to grow by 7,000 industrial robotic installations per year in the coming years according to the International Federation of Robotics.

In order to go further in optimising the flows of their factories, a key issue for competitiveness, manufacturers must now automate their intralogistics,  “long considered the poor relation”, to improve the speed and quality of preparation of parts kits for production orders, while reducing the arduousness of operations. On the occasion of the 2024 edition of the SITL exhibition, SCALLOG presents its  “Goods to Person” solution under the sign of Industry 5.0,  which combines the speed of execution, the reliability of robotics with the “know-how” and skills of operators, to speed up and make production more reliable. As a result, the storage of spare parts and/or components is densified, picking productivity is multiplied by three, quality control is “flawless” and working conditions are improved for even more fluidity and agility in the production lines!

SCALLOG robotics at the heart of industrial competitiveness, productivity and attractiveness priorities!

Designed to put people at the centre of processes, SCALLOG’s Goods to Person solution – shelves transported by robots to operators – guarantees many benefits according to the triptych of space, productivity and reliability. In addition to its ability to adapt to all types of industrial buildings, including the oldest, the SCALLOG solution, which combines software intelligence and robotics, can easily be installed on a mezzanine above a production area to free up m² of manufacturing space. It makes it possible to densify the storage of spare parts and components, while ensuring a more precise management of references without drift from breakage or overstocking. The software intelligence of the SCALLOG solution allows stock management of spare parts according to the FIFO “First In, First Out” rules or components according to the FEFO “First Expired, First Out” rules, with a constant concern for rapid inventory and good management of manufacturing dates.  In addition, the SCALLOG automated zone can also be transformed into a buffer zone – temporary storage of production orders (FOs) – between manufacturing and packaging, and kits to manufacturing, to ensure the optimal performance of the production lines.

In order to speed up picking rates without compromising on quality, the SCALLOG solution guides operators at all stages of kit preparation using the most relevant tools such as Spot to Light, visual displays, connected scales, etc., by multiplying interactions. A beam of light indicates the location of the part or component to be picked on the mobile shelf, the screen of the picking station shows the part, the quantity and packaging to be selected, the scale ensures weight control, etc. to avoid mistakes and wasted time. With its high granularity in the management of components, the SCALLOG solution can also assist the operator in the arrangement of parts according to a defined order as part of the creation of a kit. The SCALLOG solution thus makes it possible to multiply productivity by 3 and to move towards “zero error” in the preparation of kits and associated work orders.

In addition to its ability to create the conditions for increased productivity, the SCALLOG “Goods to Person” solution significantly improves the working conditions and quality of life for operators. They don’t move anymore, they free themselves from bad postures; They occupy more challenging positions and perform higher value-added tasks that enhance their skills. As such, SCALLOG pays particular attention to the ergonomics and ideal configuration of the workstation according to the business processes, by modeling it in virtual reality and involving the employees concerned from the beginning of the project. In a context of labour shortages, robotics can help make the job of operator attractive, with a view to recruiting and retaining new employees.

As Romain Demay tells us , “Faced with the challenges of sovereignty, competitiveness and attractiveness faced by French manufacturers, our SCALLOG Goods-to-Person robotics solution can make the Supply Chain a strong link in the necessary optimization of their production.”

SCALLOG will be present at SITL 2024 – March 19-21 Paris Nord Villepinte – Stand: K012. See you there!