With SCALLOG robotics, Driftshop, the leader in competition car parts, is accelerating the productivity of its new logistics platform!

17 June 2024

With an annual growth of more than 25% and more than 1000 parcels sent per day, the e-tailer Driftshop will inaugurate a new 8000 m² logistics platform in Ensisheim in June 2024, of which more than 1000 m² will be automated with SCALLOG’s Goods to Person robotic solution. With the expected benefits, doubled productivity and optimized working conditions!

Founded in 2010 by three motorsport enthusiasts, Steve Leiber, who was crowned European Drift Champion in 2021, and Aurélie & Nicolas Koening, the e-tailer Driftshop has become one of the most important European players in motorsport performance parts and equipment. With a turnover of more than 22 million euros, more than 40% of which is generated outside France, Driftshop offers a wide range of individuals and professionals on its website more than 200,000 references from renowned brands, including more than 10,000 stored which are delivered on D+1. In order to absorb its strong growth, including its recent acquisition of the Alsatian equipment manufacturer BPS Racing, Driftshop will inaugurate in June 2024 a new latest-generation logistics platform that will be equipped with the SCALLOG “Goods to Person” robotic solution – 250 mobile shelves transported by 14 robots to three picking and restocking stations. This automated warehouse with a surface area of 1000 m² will guarantee Driftshop to speed up and make its retail order preparation more reliable, while limiting the arduousness of the work of its logistics operators.

Innovate to gain in productivity and agility!

Faced with the success of its activity and an increasingly large stock of references (worth more than 4.5 million euros), Driftshop finds itself “cramped” in the area dedicated to logistics at its historic site in Berrwiller. In addition to the necessary space saving, the e-tailer wants to overhaul its organization and logistics processes to optimize its productivity and working conditions. As Steve Leiber tells us: “Diversification of our offer obliges, with the planned acquisition of BPS Racing in 2023, we needed a larger logistics area to centralize and optimize our flows of BtoB and BtoC preparations. Added to this was the need for agile automation, operators were driving up to 19 kilometers per day and starting earlier and earlier, on Monday mornings.  To meet this demand, Driftshop, in addition to its headquarters and showroom in Berrwiller, acquired a new 8000 m² platform in Ensisheim at the beginning of 2024 with unloading docks and scalable cells to centralise and optimise its logistics in order to guarantee its customers the best service – next-day delivery for any order placed before 4:00 pm. To meet the dual challenge of productivity and agility of automation, Driftshop selected SCALLOG’s Goods to Person robotic solution in February 2024. Steve Leiber explains the reasons for this: “We were seduced by the productivity gains that the SCALLOG solution can generate in terms of speeding up preparation rates and drastically limiting travel. In addition, the great flexibility of the SCALLOG solution gives us the ability, quickly and simply, to scale it in the event of a peak in activity, by adding additional robots. »

In June 2024, Driftshop will gradually integrate its new logistics tool. The 1,000 m² SCALLOG automated area – 250 mobile shelves transported by 14 robots to two picking stations and a replenishment station – will be fully operational, with operators trained in its use. It will optimize the storage of more than 8000 references and all of DriftShop’s retail order preparations.

Many benefits are expected. With the SCALLOG solution, DriftShop should absorb its growth at the isoscope of human resources and double its productivity in retail order picking, while smoothing out its peaks in activity. It will be easy for Driftshop to increase its picking capacity, by transforming its resupply station, to absorb an increase in order preparation, the day after a weekend, a public holiday, etc. In addition, DriftShop should become more fluid and reliable in its order preparation; operators are accompanied at all stages via light beams in a silent environment to simultaneously prepare several dozen orders, without moving and risking bad postures, stress and errors.

Steve Leiber concludes: “In a tense logistics job market, we need to innovate and automate to optimize the working conditions of our team. The same applies to our professional and private customers, whom we must satisfy and retain; In the face of rapid changes in e-commerce, they are demanding the best possible shopping experience, from the “right order” to the speed of delivery. With SCALLOG, we have found our partner on the road in the agile and efficient automation of our logistics. »