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Childrens Products: WESCO doubles its robot-enhanced warehouse zone with Scallog

WESCO provides happiness for children, with furniture, games and sports material specially designed for their needs. The logistics hub of this french specialist for the joy of kids manages 15 000 references that are sold in 60 countries. Following a strong sales increase, WESCO has doubled its automatized warehouse zone. From now on, 24 Boby robots from Scallog ensure that warehouse operators double their order preparation efficiency.
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E-Food: Farmy Switzerland continues its growth with Scallog robots

The eFood sector enjoyed big success during the Covid-lockdown. Farmy’s clients got so strongly convinced by the high quality of the products, that they continue to fill their shopping cart by the online market site. In order to be able to ensure quick order preparation and in order to optimize the available storage space in its Zurich-based warehouse, Farmy chose the support of high performance goods to person robots from Scallog.

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Workplace Health: Ergonomics, safety and health enhanced by logistics robots

Fluctuating flow rates and the faster pace of work in warehouses can be a source of stress for workers, who often suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. Reducing the need for movement and repetitive gestures is becoming essential to preserving the health of the men and women who prepare orders. Goods-to-person robotics offers a way to combine ergonomics and safety with productivity. (Expert article by Olivier Rochet, CEO of Scallog)

Hugues Sterlin-tribune-expert

Cosmetics : To cope with booming e-commerce, manufacturers deploy warehouse robots

The cosmetics industry is traditionally a major driver in french economy. Despite a decline in exports caused by the pandemic, the sector’s total revenues of €15.7 billion in 2020 still guarantee a leading position with a 24% share in the global cosmetics market . The exceptional circumstances due to Covid amplified online sales and new purchasing practices. Goods to man solutions allow cosmetic professionals to cope with the new challenges. (Expert talk by Hugues Sterlin, Director of Operations, Scallog)

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Belgium: 3 PL Provider Soditra Logistic doubles its use of Scallog robots

Core to its strategy of innovating to differentiate itself and attract new clients, Belgian 3PL company Soditra-Logistic – spurred on by the success of its first project with Scallog – doubled the size of its goods-to-person picking facility in spring 2020.

BENELUX: Scallog and Robex unite their forces on this key logistics market

To cement its presence in the Benelux countries – a key region for European logistics – Scallog has signed a sales agreement with ROBEX, proven experts in industrial robotics and packaging and palletizing process automation.

Belgium : Bricolux, wholeseller for school utensils, prepares the new school year with Scallog

Expansion of its range with more than 1,000 new references, growth of BtoC / E-commerce and customer service excellence, Bricolux is counting on these levers to develop its turnover. And the prerequisite is an efficient and agile logistics, from storage to order preparation, with Goods to Man Scallog robotization !

Brazil: Scallog starts the cooperation with CUBICC to extend its international presence

First it was Europe, then the USA and now Brazil! In a move to accelerate international expansion, Scallog has signed a new commercial partnership with Cubicc, a specialist in optimised picking and packing across South America.

Switzerland: FARMY, The Online Shop for Efood deploys Scallog warehouse robots

In view of its exponential growth (170% in 2020), Zürich-based online retailer FARMY has chosen Scallog’s Flexypick robotic solution to automate its logistics warehouse and help to deliver on its client promise: “fresh, organic produce delivered straight to your door” throughout Switzerland.

USA: Scallog concludes a strategic partnership with Bastian Solutions !

Under its strategy of international development, Scallog has signed a major commercial agreement with Bastian Solutions, an integrator and one of the world’s top 20 logistics automation solutions providers, to market the Scallog goods-to-person robots for warehouses on the other side of the Atlantic.