The Goods to Man SCALLOG solution, on or under the mezzanine, densifies storage, without pushing the walls of the warehouse!

22 February 2023

According to CBRE Real Estate Group, the growth of e-commerce will require nearly 27 million square meters of warehouse space in Europe by 2025. Faced with scarce and expensive land near the Lille-Paris-Lyon-Marseille “backbone” and the ZAN objective – zero net artificialization – by 2050 in France, logisticians will have to gain cubic meters in their warehouses, for lack of additional square meters, by exploiting ceiling heights, from 7.50 to more than 9 meters, by tracking down voids and by favoring automation. To answer the equation of increasing the occupancy rate and the service of the warehouse without land extension, SCALLOG presents, on the occasion of the SITL show, its Goods to Man solution, installed under or on the mezzanine, to double or even triple its storage density and its productivity in retail order preparation, at reasonable costs!

As Ludovic Fenelon, SCALLOG’s Sales and Marketing Director, tells us: “Our Goods to Man solution – robots that transport shelves to operators – acts on two key factors of warehouse performance: floor space efficiency and human productivity. It allows to densify the storage, while eliminating the travels – 10 to 15 km per day – and the movements of the operators. The configuration of a SCALLOG installation, under or on a mezzanine, already approved by more than 20% of our customers, allows to divide by 2 or even by 3 the picking area and to increase the productivity of the operators by more than 40%“.

Increase productivity, m3 and agility in the warehouse!

Driven by the growth of online purchasing and the need for rapid delivery, logistics platforms, faced with an increase in references, volumes and flows, must make their retail preparations more reliable and faster, while optimizing their space, from the security stock to the picking area. To solve this triple problem of productivity, reliability and space, the Goods to Man SCALLOG solution has proven to automate and accelerate the preparation process, maximize storage density and reduce costs.

In order to go further in the best performance per m², the SCALLOG solution – 2.20 meters shelves transported by robots to operators, can easily be installed under or on a mezzanine: it does not require any anchoring to the floor and blends into any warehouse environment, including the most atypical. The most deployed configuration is to put on the first level the SCALLOG solution dedicated to the automation of retail order preparations, and on the mezzanine the storage, linked together by a conveyor. It allows to take advantage of the height, to track the vacuum, to gain in m3 of storage and in productivity. The products stored on the mezzanine are retrieved and pushed to the SCALLOG area via the vertical conveyor; the shelves are replenished, quickly and efficiently, by the operators on a dedicated station. In parallel, the Goods to Man SCALLOG solution accelerates another key warehouse operation, retail order picking. The shelves carried by robots go to a picking station where the operator picks the products needed for the different orders via Pick to Light, without any movements and errors.

Another advantage of this configuration, combining mezzanine and Goods to Man robotics, is that it easily adapts to changes in logistics flows and peaks in activity; it allows for rapid readjustment of storage and order preparation capacities to make the warehouse resolutely agile to fluctuations and new customer requirements. Last but not least, this configuration, widely used in Amazon’s warehouses, is distinguished by its reasonable costs compared to other robotization and automation solutions on the market, which require investments at least 2 to 3 times higher!

Discover the SCALLOG solution for the performance of BtoB e-commerce of Alkor / Blondel Group, March 28 at 12:15 pm.

The Blondel Group has just deployed the Goods to Man SCALLOG solution in its new platform in Valence in 2022 to manage the BtoB e-commerce logistics flows of ALKOR, a specialized distributor of stationery, office and school supplies, with the customer’s promise of a D+1 delivery. During SITL 2023, the Blondel Group, a 3PL committed to a CSR approach to performance, will testify to the advantages of SCALLOG robotization to accelerate its BtoB order picking for ALKOR, while improving the working conditions of its employees, on March 28 at 12:15 on SITL 2023.