Scallog’s Service-Oriented Culture: Human Intelligence to Make Our Customers More Productive and Competitive!

25 January 2023

Boasting 40 sites across four continents, Scallog stands out in the market of robotics for logistics thanks to its ability to provide long-term support to its customers in operating and optimising the company’s Goods-to-Picker order-picking solution. To do so, the French company draws on a truly service-minded culture that prioritises human relations and intelligence to put robotics technology to work on behalf of its customers’ business challenges and unique local context. In practice, this means a service-oriented environment, an international network and empowered, engaged employees from sales to support, who work closely with customers to meet their objectives in terms of operational performance, scalability and quick ROI.

Says Scallog Support Manager Christophe Böhnlen, “Our international support team – available 24/7 – does its utmost to prevent production disruptions and shutdowns that could affect our customers’ business and create more stress for their employees. Our organisation, processes and best practices are designed to ensure that doesn’t happen.” Adds Romain Demay, Business Development Manager at Scallog: “Our guidance goes beyond the maintenance and support that other companies provide. For each of our customers, we guarantee that their mobile logistics robotics solution will be optimally productive well into the future. Without this support, their productivity and operating efficiency could potentially deteriorate over time.”

A service-minded culture and environment focused on customer satisfaction!

As with its all-French production unit and R&D team, Scallog has opted for end-to-end management of its service value chain, so as to meet the need for supply chain agility and resilience among its customers in France and worldwide. The French company has developed an internal culture of service excellence, in which every department shares an in-depth understanding of customer needs and satisfaction. By creating an organisation devoted to best practices and processes, Scallog is equipped to respond to all requests in the shortest possible time. Today, with a local presence across Europe, Scallog offers the most expansive range of services in its market, covering tactical support to prevention: audits, long-term support, after-sale service and technical support, preventive and curative maintenance, servicing in the field, diagnostics and repairs.

Christophe Böhnlen ticks off Scallog’s assets: “We have a long-standing, cohesive technical team whose members are highly skilled and have the necessary experience and expertise to ensure their work is top-quality, responsive and successful.” Adds Romain, “We make it a point to visit our customers on a regular basis to audit and critically analyse their operating procedures so that, as their business environment or goals evolve, we can continue to provide support over time.”

This is true beyond Europe’s borders as well. Scallog instils its service-oriented culture in its partner integrators, through training, shared drives and the exchange of FAQs, to ensure its American, African and Asian customers enjoy quality maintenance worldwide.

From operating efficiency to proactive attention!

Scallog has the infrastructure and resources needed to keep its Goods-to-Picker solution in efficient operating order, including a robot assembly workshop for total responsiveness, a technical team operating in the field and a sizeable inventory of replacement parts to ensure they’re always available.

What’s more, Scallog’s support team works proactively to anticipate problem situations, with a focus on the medium and long term. The goal is to help customers become resilient in the face of unforeseen hiccups in the supply chain, such as unexpected peaks in business or power failures.  For example, Scallog’s support team has provided some customers with energy efficiency plans, conducting tests to draw up action plans with the aim of preventing shutdowns in logistics operations. Scallog is also looking to move beyond a focus on operations and support by leading a customer community, where companies can talk, share ideas and innovate together in a friendly, trusting environment.

For customers, this service-oriented culture and environment guarantees gains in productivity and competitiveness over time, enhancing the value of their investments while reducing the stress inherent to logistics as a result of unforeseen events and the need for efficiency.

As Christophe Böhnlen tells us, “Our ambition is to create and share new ways to support and assist customers with project operations, so as to become the European leader in order-picking systems using robots and mobile shelf units.” Says Romain Demay in conclusion, “According to the latest study from Interact Analysis, the global market for AGVs and AMRs is expected to grow by 30% to 40% between now and 2027. With this in mind, our service-minded culture is a critical competitive advantage, backed by Scallog solutions that are already hailed for their robustness, efficiency, scalability and adaptability in more than 15 countries.”