Manel SIACI appointed Head of Relations with the “consulting firms” ecosystem at SCALLOG!

02 March 2023

To achieve its ambitious goals, SCALLOG is distinguished, among other things, by its willingness to find complementary levers with its ecosystem to bring more value to its customers. As such, Manel SIACI, Business Development Manager of SCALLOG, has been entrusted with new responsibilities: the management and animation of the ecosystem of consulting firms and independents in France and Europe!

To meet the triple challenge of performance, agility and resilience of their warehouses, in an uncertain economic context and shortage of manpower, Supply Chain Departments are increasingly choosing to rely on consulting firms and independents for automation projects, in the face of the plethora of intralogistics 4.0 solutions offered. According to the latest study “Trade in Transition 2023” conducted by the think tank Economist Impact, and carried out among 3,000 SC managers worldwide, more than 38.3% of them plan to integrate automation and more specifically robotics into their supply chain this year. With a wide range of expertise and a pool of talent, consulting firms and supply chain consultants ensure that they have a global view of the intralogistics 4.0 offer, to best synthesize their current needs, to help them make the “right” automation equipment decisions and to accompany them through the change.

For them, a privileged contact: Manel SIACI

Founded in 2013, French gem SCALLOG develops, manufactures and markets robotic solutions dedicated to logistics to increase the agility and productivity of warehouses for players in the 3PL, e-commerce, distribution and industry. Faced with the changing demands of BtoC and BtoB consumers, especially in terms of product availability and delivery, the Goods To Person SCALLOG solution, agile, scalable and with a fast ROI, guarantees them to accelerate their order preparations and absorb their peak activity, while reducing the drudgery of tasks. At the heart of its approach to collaborate and find levers of complementarity with its ecosystem, including in particular consulting firms, from international players to local experts, and independents, SCALLOG has just assigned to Manel SIACI the mission of building special relationships with them, according to the specificities of each.

As part of her new responsibilities, Manel has set three objectives in order to meet their expectations: to contribute to the realization of their technology watch on logistics robotics, to intensify reference visits to visualize the assets and uses of SCALLOG’s “Goods to Person” robotics and to develop training adapted to the modeling and dimensioning of its solutions. Thanks to her professional background, which is strongly oriented towards consulting and her pre-sales experience within SCALLOG, Manel SIACI is the privileged interlocutor of consulting firms and consultants in order to guarantee more and more logistic performance to their customers.

A common DNA: logistics performance

Having as credo the robotics at the service of the productivity of the logistics, the roboticist SCALLOG is illustrated by its project approach really at the service of the interests of the customer of the firm. It is based on three pillars: listening to and understanding the customer’s needs, the advanced pre-sales study, from the definition of the business scope to the optimization of processes through the identification of risks, and the proven relevance or not of its solution according to the needs expressed. SCALLOG’s approach and values guarantee that consulting firms and independents can collaborate, in a transparent manner, and develop together.

As Manel SIACI confides to us: “According to ABI Research, the warehouse robotics market is expected to generate $51 billion worldwide in 2030, a growth rate of more than 23%. Today, 15% of warehouses are automated and only 5% are robotized in Europe, the market development potential for mobile robotics players like SCALLOG is significant. We are convinced that the collaboration between the different actors of our ecosystem, in particular with consulting firms and independents, will be one of the keys to the democratization of our Goods to Person solution in warehouses in France and in Europe.”

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