E-commerce: How to optimize order fulfillment

23 April 2024

👉 The evolution of offerings in the field requires thorough consideration for users: automation or not, choice of suitable system, evaluation of the relevance of the existing WMS, benefits of #robotization, system scalability in the face of growth, possibility of outsourcing, and selection of the right specialist are crucial questions to consider for effective and sustainable decision-making.

👉 E-commerce retains positive prospects after a more challenging period, with Q3 2023 still generating €38.3 billion (+9.8% vs Q3 2022), notably with the beauty market showing robust growth (+12% sales vs Q3 2022).

👉 To get ahead of your competitors, it is essential to rely on agile and scalable solutions offering rapid ROI!

👉 With the SCALLOG order preparation solution, you’re not just buying technology but productivity for your logistics center!