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With Scallog’s robotic solution, Decathlon Belgium is turning its logistics into a key link for customer satisfaction.


The logistic and warehouse performance of the company is placed on the omnichannel services. This is a key factor to ensure customer satisfaction.

Faced to a range expansion and the strong growth of E-commerce, Decathlon uses the Goods to Man Scallog solution to optimize :

  • storage
  • order preparation
  • returns of small items

The goal ? Reduce the "Lead Time" of the warehouse in order to keep the E-commerce customer commitment of a 48-hour delivery, and ultimately intend to cut down to 24 hours.


Founded in 1976, Decathlon is a French company designing and distributing products dedicated to sports.

The brand has a foothold in 55 countries, including Belgium.

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To fulfill its commitment to providing quality service and optimising the customer experience, Decathlon Belgium opted to upgrade its warehouse via robotics. A decision that reflects the company’s pioneering spirit.


Thibaut Desmaret, Logistics Team Leader at Decathlon Belgium:

"The collaborative process with Scallog was easy and seamless. We capitalised on experiences at other Decathlon logistics sites already equipped with Scallog to incorporate best practices and keep an eye on aspects that require particular care, such as floor evenness."

As a pioneer in Goods-to-Man robotisation, the 3PL company Soditra Logistic stands out through its high performance and service levels.

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Soditra Logistic, a Third Party Logistics service provider, is a subsidiary of the Belgian group SD, founded in 1967 and an expert in Supply Chain services.

The company boasts two platforms dedicated to the :
  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Orders preparation
  • Assembly
  • Co-packing
  • E-commerce
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These platforms enable Soditra to offer a wide array of high-added-value logistics services.


Jean-Luc Waetermans, Business Development Director at Soditra Logistic’s :

"In addition to Scallog’s scalable approach, we loved how innovative and user-friendly its solutions were. From the robots to the order preparation workstations, Scallog promised us an ability to combine a wide range of products, including the most fragile and delicate"

Spanning a total of 16,800 m², the Nivelles platform (south of Brussels) is looking for more :
  • Flexibility
  • Productivity
  • Expertise in their outsourced logistics services
The vision of the company? To focus on innovation and sustainability.
A strategy that pays off! These new services, combined with the "Goods To Person" robotization, are attracting more and more new customers.

With Scallog robots, Farmy is speeding up its logistics to deliver fresh and authentic products to a growing customer base

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Faced with an unprecedented 175% growth in turnover in 2020, Farmy decided to beef up its logistics at its Zurich warehouse using Scallog’s Flexypick robotics solution, with the goal of :

  • Fitting more products into its warehouse
  • Accelerating order picking for dry goods
  • Creating less arduous working conditions for operators


A strategy that is already profitable for Farmy, which will multiply this automated darkstore principle to gain market share and establish its presence in all Swiss cantons.

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« Fresh, local and authentic products on your doorstep, a day after placing your order!” That’s the promise that the Swiss e-retailer Farmy is making to customers amidst a sharp increase in orders.


The Zurich-based e-commerce company, which has just opened in French-speaking Switzerland, provides next-day delivery of healthy, ecological and sustainable food products ordered online.

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As Farmy Co-CEO & Co-Founder Roman Hartmann tells us :

"Scallog’s Goods-to-Person robotics solution – mobile shelving brought to operators by robots – is ideally suited for our need, generating a threefold increase in productivity in just a few months, so we can deliver to more and more customers and ensure their satisfaction."

Thanks to the Scallog robots, wholesaler Bricolux is getting ready for
the back-to-school rush in French-speaking Belgium in three months tops!


A school and educational materials wholesaler since 1973, Bricolux is a leading household name in the education and childhood sectors in French-speaking Belgium and Luxembourg.


From April to June, 80% of all orders are placed online by professionals. They are then delivered before 1 September.


Bricolux therefore has to deal with :

  • managing peaks of activity period
  • the level of demand from its customers
  • diversifying its customer base

Logistical efficiency and agility are key factors in ensuring Bricolux keeps personal and business customers satisfied and coming back for more.

The brand is choosing to focus on these driving forces to ensure its turnover continues to grow. These growth factors rely on agile, high-performing intralogistics in which order preparation plays a key role !

Find out how, in just 3 months, by changing its intralogistics, Bricolux is getting ready for the back-to-school rush !

As Alain Collard, CEO of Belgian company BRICOLUX, explains :

"We saw Scallog’s robotic Goods-to-Man solution as being the most effective, efficient, and pragmatic way of upgrading our logistics and continuing to grow.
Small and medium-sized businesses often wrongly assume that robots are inaccessible, because they are expensive and complex to roll out. Our work in this area proves the opposite is true.


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