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Scallog System ™

A comprehensive Robotics & Software
solution for the automation of e-commerce,
retail and industrial logistics platforms



It is very simple to integrate Scallog’s Boby robots into your warehouse, and once installed, you will find they move around seamlessly. They permit great flexibility in the development of your business. The technology is based on simple, robust equipment. Maintenance is greatly simplified.



Scallog’s Core Software program is a solution for operating and supervising a robotized warehouse. It supplements existing WMS/ERP functionality with real-time decision making and end-to-end optimization.



With a ROI in less than two years, Scallog is revolutionizing order picking systems. Secure picking increases operator productivity by over 40% and simplifies tasks. The “Good-to-Person” system is efficient. It limits errors and therefore product returns.



Scallog deploys a unique solution without the need for major alterations to your existing warehouse.

The installation, which takes two to three weeks and is not permanently anchored to the floor, can be changed as and when required. No operational disruption or substantial capital investment are needed to organize and simplify your logistics.



The Scallog solution allows you to save up to 30% storage space, and meets real-estate-related financial challenges. Moreover, we install the solution on or under a mezzanine to save space and optimize organization.

Mobile robots
serving your pickers


Order pickers spend 50-70% of their time walking around the warehouse to find products in storage aisles, i.e. 15 km per day and 40% of labour costs wasted on a task that is ancillary to their objective of picking orders.

Prevent those costs, send Boby to find the products and bring them back to your operators.

A software solution
to manage your business


Monitor orders, robots and the organization of your inventory in real time. Optimize order picking and the organization of your storage shelves.

Updates in real time enable you to monitor your operating process from almost any intelligent peripheral device, wherever you are.

The Scallog system integrates seamlessly into your existing warehouse management system (WMS) and supervises the robots and operators for optimum efficiency and synergy - there is no reprogramming necessary, integration is simple and transparent.

to speed up your flows


Boost your productivity whilst remaining flexible!

The Scallog solution enables you to move to secure, simplified logistics using advanced robotic and artificial intelligence technologies.

Move to the warehouse of the future with a highly flexible, intelligent logistics automation solution.

They trust us!