Scallog designs and manufactures robotics solution for logistics distribution to improve productivity and scalability in warehouse organisation in France and Europe.
Scallog System™ is a revolutionary "Mobile Robotic Fulfillment Systems" : Small blue robots autonomously navigate the aisles of warehouse in France and help to box and ship products for orders processing.
Scallog Mobiles robots help logistics plateforms to be more scalable et utilize space more optimally.


Applications & Products

  • E-commerce
  • 3PL Logistics
  • Industry
  • Reverse logistics
  • Cosmetic
  • Fashion
  • Shoes
  • Small parts
  • Whole sales
  • Pharmacy/Drugs
  • Book


Mobile Robots

Setting up the Scallog System is very rapid and can be completed within 2 to 3 weeks. No ground structure is necessary. The shelves stay on standard adjustable elements and can be adapted to all sorts of boxes or hanging products. Robots and picking stations are provided by Scallog. Scalability is facilitated and work areas can be very easily extended with time and constraints.


The operator no longer looses time and effort walking down the warehouse. Scallog improves work quality, increase security and reduces physical effort. The operator is more focused on its tasks, thus exposed to fewer errors. Reduction of movements and simplicity of picking make flows more profitable.


Scallog System also optimizes storage space: an average of 30% space is gained with the solution, using warehouse space at its best capacity. The Scallog area is organized to allow shelves to fit in a small space. All kinds of products can be placed on the shelves: cosmetics, shoes, small tools or even textile.


  • Efficient. Big productivity (450 - 600 picks/h).
  • Easy to install. Flexible.
  • Ergonomics workstation.
  • 20-30% reduction of space.
  • No new infrastructure.
  • Simplified maintenance.