Logistics Innovation Award SITL 2020 for SCALLOG

25 November 2020

Winner in the “Best Intralogistics, Robotics and Automation Innovation” category of the 20th SITL 2020 Logistics Innovation Awards, Scallog has just been awarded this Monday, November 23rd for its Flexytote solution that automates loading and unloading operations for bins and cartons to speed up order preparation in warehouses.

Nanterre, November 26, 2020 – On the occasion of the 20th edition of the Logistics Innovation Awards at the SITL 2020 trade show, which was maintained despite the cancellation of the show due to the Covid19 crisis, the jury, composed of members of the Marco Polo Club, has just awarded the Flexytote solution, presented by the French nugget of logistics robots Scallog, in the “Intralogistics, robotics and automation” category.

These Logistics Innovation Awards recognize the most relevant technological solutions to “meet the issues and challenges of the modern supply chain, such as digital acceleration, process automation and ecological transition”. The “Best Intralogistics, Robotics and Automation Innovation” award is a recognition by the jury – ten top decision makers from industry and retail – of the strengths and relevance of Flexytote for automating the transfer, loading and unloading of bins and cartons to accelerate the speed of execution of multi-order picking for drives, warehouses and textiles.

As Olivier Rochet, CEO of Scallog, confirms: “In addition to rewarding our innovative approach, this distinction reinforces our determination to lift the brakes and democratize warehouse robotization worldwide, with 100% French solutions that combine performance, flexibility and ROI in less than 18 months. Thus, Flexytote, the latest addition to our range, is part of our strategy to cover all aspects of order preparation robotics, at the best costs and without questioning the existing system. »

The award recognizes Flexytote as a lightweight and flexible robotic alternative to traditional conveyor and cart systems that require heavy investment and complex installations. The principle is simple and effective: robots move empty bins or boxes on two or three levels to the picking stations, place them on the picking apiaries, then pick them up once the orders have been completed by the operators to transport them to the packaging area.

With a flexibility unmatched on the market, the Flexytote solution can be easily integrated into any existing warehouse and adapts to all changes in order picking flows; the mobile robots navigate along an optical marking on the floor, which can be modified at will. In addition, the Flexytote solution stands out for its load capacity up to 250 kg, its operation in masked time, its ergonomics, its logistics productivity and its ROI in less than 18 months. It meets the need to automate, in a flexible and agile manner, the transfer and loading of bins and cartons to increase operator productivity, speed up preparations to reduce delivery times and absorb short-term peaks of activity.

As part of its international expansion strategy, SCALLOG aims to make the Flexytote, designed and manufactured in France, the reference robotic solution for warehouses worldwide for all bin and carton transfer, loading and unloading operations.