Scallog signs a partnership with Itelligence

28 November 2019

The two players decided to combine their offers in order to offer a flexible, simple and quick solution to implement in the warehouse around robotization and flow optimization.

As a global SAP partner in more than 25 countries, Itelligence offers its expertise in ERP and Digital core solutions from SAP as well as in its Digital supply chain HR management solutions developed in-house. Wishing to offer solutions capable of meeting the new needs of its customers, Itelligence has just signed a partnership with Scallog and its robotic solution intended for e-commerce, retail or industry distribution platforms.

If in the past, as part of goods to man order preparation projects, the Intelligence installations implemented with SAP involved heavy physical infrastructures, the Scallog suite makes it possible to implement a more flexible solution, composed robots moving shelves but also optimization tools allowing this movement to be optimized, using organized and ergonomic picking stations.

This partnership will quickly put Scallog’s solutions into action in integration with SAP tools. A combination of offers that will allow their customers to have a flexible solution, simple to implement, with a faster and more attractive return on investment.