Scallog optimizes stocks with Isorg and Dispeo team with its robots

29 March 2019

Scallog installed 40 robots at Dispeo in Évreux. An automation project that the company highlighted during SITL 2019, where it also presented its partnership with Isorg.

Scallog presented several news during the SITL from March 26 to 28, 2019. The show was first of all an opportunity for the French intralogistics specialist to testify to his multi-activity automation project with Dispeo (Hopps group). To pool the activity of several of its customers, the logistics provider equipped its Evreux warehouse (27) with 40 Scallog robots and six workstations in the summer of 2018.

On this logistics site, which processes between 50,000 and 80,000 orders daily, order preparation concerns a wide variety of products ranging from textiles to cosmetics, via high tech and home equipment.

Faced with its prospects for high growth, Dispeo implemented an order preparation automation project and opted for the Scallog solution, compatible with various e-commerce activities and offering it the possibility of modular storage.

“(…) We have great prospects with the imminent arrival of new customers that we can very easily add to the Scallog solution without having to completely rethink our logistics process” specifies Franck Lebosset, Director of Logistics Operations Dispeo.

The results are already positive six months after this implementation: the site has tripled its productivity while the picking errors and the hardship of the operators’ work have been reduced.

An association with Isorg

Scallog also took advantage of SITL to present its association with the French start-up specializing in optoelectronics Isorg to offer an automated solution for mobile cabinets coupled with inventory monitoring.

The solution thus combines the Scallog robotic order preparation system with the Isorg optical system allowing real-time monitoring of stocks.

Its connected sensors are used on the shelves moved by Scallog robots for real-time information on the quantity of products present in each shelf bin. The objectives of this solution for its users? An increase in productivity coupled with a saving of time, an optimization of stocks without risk of rupture as well as a strong reduction in the error rate.

The solution in pictures: