2022 is the year set for the international expansion of SCALLOG, a logistic robotics start-up ‘made in France’!

21 March 2022

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All signals are go for SCALLOG’s growth worldwide: Initial deployments in the United States and Canada, in partnership with BASTIAN Solutions, and more and more projects in new European countries that include Italy, Denmark and also France!

Nanterre, 22 March 2022. On the wave of a favourable context, i.e. acceleration of e-commerce, optimisation of omni-channel logistics processes, new CSR concerns of 3PLs, 4PLs and logisticians in industry, retail and large-scale distribution, SCALLOG, the French leader in logistic robotics, confirms its international ambition as part of its sustained growth. SCALLOG’s Goods-to-Man solutions, i.e. storage shelves transported to picking stations by robots, are already making order picking faster and more reliable while reducing operator fatigue in warehouses in over 15 countries from Singapore to Portugal and Germany.

A new key stage in the company’s international development
The year 2022 sees a new key stage in its international expansion, with an initial reference in Canada in collaboration with its partner Bastian Solutions, the 3PL WIPTEC, an expert in B2B and B2C Pick-Pack-Ship order preparation, and increasing deployment in Europe with the 3PL Geodis in Italy and a new site in Denmark for one of its long-standing customers, L’Oréal.
In France, SCALLOG has increased its customer portfolio with prestigious new references such as KNCO, the leading French eye wear manufacturer since 1966, the SEBBIN Group, which manufactures implants for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and is present in 60 countries, and the leading French DIY and home improvement brand, Leroy Merlin.

Numerous advantages over its French and international competitors
These new references in France and worldwide are the result of SCALLOG’s competitive advantages. They focus on doing away with obstacles and making robotisation available for all in traditional and atypical XXS- to XXL-format warehouses on 4 continents. SCALLOG stands out in its market thanks to the speed and flexibility of its Goods-To-Man robotic solution, which fits seamlessly in any logistics environment, together with the software intelligence that takes the process from start to finish and its ‘fail-free’ system security, which locks down ‘sensitive’ data in response to the supply chain being an increasingly popular target for cyber attacks.

SCALLOG also has an ambitious partnership strategy in place with well-known local intra-logistics companies such as the American integrator BASTIAN Solutions, the Middle East automation expert SPAN and the Brazilian CUBBIC. This means it can now provide support for its customers and deploy its robots in over 30 countries!
Another ‘bonus’ is that SCALLOG has an experienced R&D team and a ‘tailor-made’ production unit in Nanterre to control its value chain from start to finish, from the design to the production of robotic solutions in line with its French, European and international customers’ requirements in innovation, quality and reaction times.

Big ambitions for a French success story
In a warehouse automation market set to exceed 37 billion dollars by 2030, boosted by the rise of AGVs and AMRs according to Researchandmarkets.com, SCALLOG aims to become the reference company in robots and mobile shelving for automated order picking across every business sector in France and worldwide.

Olivier Rochet, Director of SCALLOG, tells us that, “As the pace of innovation in logistics gains momentum, we are currently working on developing software further and integrating robotics to define more and more cases for our Goods-to-Man solutions in all kinds of warehouses. For example, we recently completed a Goods-to-Robot PoC (Proof of Concept) in a production environment.”

Olivier goes on to say that, “In 2022, the industrialisation of processes and logistic robotics is now in progress in warehouses to optimise performance, manage costs and improve working conditions. Our SCALLOG solution guarantees success for French and international logistics companies in their transition to automation, which is now essential if they are to deliver faster and better, without a big bang or doubts about their current warehouse systems.”

In 2023, SCALLOG aims to expand its partner network, especially in Europe, and draw more than 50% of its turnover from the international stage.