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Scallog is the originator of an innovative technology which is totally new in Europe and which uses mobile and intelligent robots to optimise the process of order picking. Specialising in “goods-to-man” systems, Scallog has gained commercial success. L’Oréal/BSL in cosmetics and beauty products, IDEA in aerospace, Gemo in fashion and textiles…all have been won over by the automated order picking solution.

Gains in productivity and controlled flexibility

With the “Scallog System”, every operator can make up to 600 “picks” per hour versus 100 to150 with a classic picking system.

“Depending on the flow of picking, each robot lifts and independently transports the storage racks to the desired location at the different picking stations. The order picker does not need to move or carry loads. Using ergonomic and fully equipped stations avoids picking errors” states Olivier Rochet, President and Co-founder of the company.

Automation results in a reduction of up to 30% less space in the warehouse.

“Each robot can work for up to 7 hours continuously and can recharge itself on the dedicated terminals. Average speed is 1 m/s, and its load capacity is 600 kg”.

Scallog System also stands out thanks to its flexibility of implementation. With magnetic strips attached to the floor, simple to pit down and remove, the robot movements adapt to all warehouse and mezzanine surfaces.

“The number of robots, racks of different formats and work stations can expand depending on company development. This unequalled flexibility for an automated system results in an optimum return on investment for the treatment of individual items, small parcels and a large range of e-commerce products”.

Being able to integrate easily to all types of picking systems is another strength of the Scallog System which reduces the Time to Market of collections, omnichannel, e-logistics and both national and international supply chains.

  • Press release Friday 30 October 2015
  • Sector: intralogistics
  • Focus: SCALLOG – stand N°C42
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