Wesco robotises its warehouse with Scallog


Wesco robotises its warehouse with Scallog Wesco, a major company in the child sector, is deploying Scallog’s solution to automate its logistics warehouse based in Cerizay (Nouvelle-Aquitaine), which dispatches 3000 to 5000 parcels a day throughout France and more than 50 countries. Robots to deliver faster and for customers satisfaction !   One of Wesco’s […]

Disrupting The Logistics Industry [startus.cc]

Disrupting The Logistics Industry: A Breakdown Of Startup Driven Innovation Disruptive innovation has reached a multitude of industries with the majority adapting fast to a changing environment. As the logistics industry is experiencing strong inflection points, such as high inefficiency – for example, a staggering 50% of transporters travel without cargo post-delivery – it is […]

[PRESS] Mobile and intelligent robots mobiles that optimise order picking.

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Scallog is the originator of an innovative technology which is totally new in Europe and which uses mobile and intelligent robots to optimise the process of order picking. Specialising in “goods-to-man” systems, Scallog has gained commercial success. L’Oréal/BSL in cosmetics and beauty products, IDEA in aerospace, Gemo in fashion and textiles…all have been won over […]